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With one you can explore the many attractions Puebla

one makes it easy to travel more and enjoy each place to the fullest. Make a list of places you’d like to explore and plan your visit. one Puebla Angelópolis Periférico is convenient to everything. Start your journey and discover attractions including Africam Safari, Periférico Ecológico Puebla, Plaza One Puebla, Estrella de Puebla, the Cholula archaeological zone and more. Be sure also to spend time in the historic center of Puebla – a World Heritage Site. Go where you want and have fun. Because with one, you can.

Puebla star near the Grand Fiesta Americana
Estrella de Puebla
Close-up of gate in Baroque Museum near Grand Fiesta Americana
Museo del Barroco
Toys in La Esquina toy museum near Grand Fiesta Americana
Centro Histórico de Puebla
Woman at Rio Cuale Craft market near Grand Fiesta Americana
An archeological wall with designs near Grand Fiesta Americana
Zona Arqueológica de Cholula
Couple in Sentura shopping center near Grand Fiesta Americana
Centro Comercial Angelópolis
Colorful Pinata traditional fiesta decoration & festive lights over the streets in Atlixco near Gamma Hotels
Football on Estadio Cuauhtémoc near Grand Fiesta Americana
Estadio Cuauhtémoc
Close-up of a baseball in a glove near Grand Fiesta Americana
Estadio de beisbol Hermanos Serdán
Couple shopping at Outlet Puebla near Fiesta Inn
Outlet Puebla
Church of Our Lady of Health near One Hotels
Zócalo de Puebla
Flowers in the Jardines de México near Grand Fiesta Americana
Africam Safari

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