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Journey to the colonial past in the city of Puebla, one of the most fascinating places to visit in México. Tour the Historic Center. Buy a talavera handicraft and local delicacies including sweet potatoes or “borrachitos”. Stroll through the Barrio del Artista or the Barrio de los Sapos and head to the famous La Pasita cantina. Savor the chiles en nogada and the mole. Admire the view from the Estrella de Puebla and get to know the forts where the battle of Cinco de Mayo was fought.

Exterior view of the hotel & car park at One Puebla Finsa


one Puebla Finsa

An exterior view of the hotel at One Puebla Serdan


one Puebla Serdán

Exterior view of at One Puebla Angelópolis Periférico


one Puebla Angelópolis Periférico


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