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To truly understand what Guadalajara is known for, you have to visit the capital of the state of Jalisco and discover it. Here, you’ll find an authentic taste of México, where mariachi, tequila and innumerable traditions are manifested in every corner of the picturesque streets. Stroll through the Historic Center and admire the beauty of the temples and monuments. Visit the Plaza de Armas, which has a beautiful kiosk that represents the four seasons of the year, and marvel at the architecture of the Teatro Degollado.

Exterior view of One Guadalajara Centro Histórico


one Guadalajara Centro Histórico

Exterior of One Guadalajara Periferico Norte


one Guadalajara Periférico Norte

Exterior view of the hotel at One Guadalajara Tapatio


one Guadalajara Tapatío

Exterior view of one Guadalajara Periférico Poniente


one Guadalajara Periférico Poniente

An Exterior view of the hotel at One Guadalajara Expo


one Guadalajara Expo


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