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The Different Academic Essays: Expository Essays

There are various academic essays that you will come across in your academic years. These essays have specific style and structure requirements that promote analytical and critical thinking along with helping you hone your research skills. The expository essays prompt the essay writer to use analytical skills to classify, compare, and analyze the various subjects and their relationships. 

This form of analysis in expository essays takes the form of an essay. But these analytical methods are used in almost all of the advanced essays, where the analysis is used to explore and evaluate subjects, and/or support various arguments. It is thus no surprise that expository essays are one of the earliest essays that the students are tasked with writing. 

The different types of Expository essays


The expository essay includes various essay types:

  • Compare and Contrast essay

The compare and contrast essay is one of the most common expository free essay writer that the students are prompted from very early on. This essay takes various subjects in each different discipline and tackles subjects from school level grades to that of a college education. 

In the compare contrast essay, you are supposed to explore each subject such that you strip it down into its constituents. You are then supposed to compare the subjects with their salients points and check to see the various things they have in similar and the various things they have in contrast. 

  • Cause and Effect essay

The cause and effect essay allows you to explore the causal relationships around an event that has occurred; this includes exploring the various causes that have led to the event or the various effects that were caused by the event. 

This exposition is popular amongst the subjects of art and history. In fact, these essays can come as your exam essays prompting write my essay for me you to present to the instructor the various causes or effects on a topic. This essay is a great way for the instructors to quiz their students on their understanding of the content of the subject or topic at hand.

  • Definition essay

The definition essay is one of the most interesting expository essays that focuses on exploring various terms or phrases that have taken on various meanings and contexts. These terms will change in their meaning according to the subject, the discipline, the time, as they are broad and amorphous. In this essay, you can start off by providing to the reader the denotative meaning of the text, and dive into exploring its various connotations, history, etc. You can further your analysis of the term by involving various analogies and examples of its usage. Most of the terms that are used in definition essays are vague in meaning and have various connotations.

  • Classification essay

Through the classification essay, you will break down the topic into its various constituents. Though this is the analytical process that the essay writer has to go through in each of the academic essays, it can take the form of a complete essay on its own. 

In this essay, you will be given your subject that you will be tasked to divide into subtopics. The more subsequent division will follow such that you will be able to divide the topic into its constituents. The criteria of division or classification will be for you to decide. 

  • Process essay

The process essay allows the essay writer to write my essay research into the subject at hand and inform the reader about the process that allowed for the subject to take form. The process essay is a ¿how-to¿ essay that shows a step by step process that goes into making a thing. 

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